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Chords Christmas Songs

[Intro] Am G#dim7 My winter nights are taken up by static
Tobi, 9 / 12, 2019 Am C D D7 Dm Em F Fmaj7 G G#dim7 1,974
[C]Jesus [Am]loves me, [Em]this I know [F]For the Bible [C]tells me so [C]Little [Am]ones to [Em]
Tobi, 3 / 08, 2020 Am C Em F G 1,342
C Am F G Stern über Betlehem, zeig uns den Weg, C Am
Tobi, 14 / 12, 2019 Am C Em F G 1,293
[Verse1] C Am Dm G C Am Dm G Just hear th
Tobi, 13 / 12, 2019 A7 Am B B7 C Cmaj7 D D6 Dm Dm7 E E6 E7 Eb Em Em7 F F#m F#m7 Fm7 G G7 Gmaj7 1,258
Verse 1: Am Love incarnate, Love divine Am Star and angels gave the sign Am Bow to babe on ben
Tobi, 13 / 12, 2019 Am C C/E Dm7 F Fmaj7 G G/b 1,190
[Verse1] The [F]fireplace is [C]burning bright, [G]shining along [Am]me I [F]see the presents [C]u
Tobi, 7 / 01, 2020 Am C F G 1,157
Intro: D D G D Come they told me, pa rum pum pum pum D
Tobi, 13 / 12, 2019 A D G 1,131
Intro: D A G, D G D A7 Verse 1: D When the snowman brings the snow,
Tobi, 14 / 12, 2019 A A7 Amaj7 B Bm C D Dm E E/G# Em F#m G G/f# 1,083
G City sidewalks, busy sidewalks C Dressed in Holiday style D
Tobi, 4 / 12, 2019 C D G 1,066
[C][Dm7/C][G7/B][C] [C]A[Dm7]ve Ma[G7]ri[C]a, [Am]gratia [Dm7]plena. [G]Dominus [C]tecum.(Bass B)
Tobi, 14 / 10, 2020 Adim7 Adim7/F# Am C C#dim7 C/E C/G C7 CM7/G D Ddim/F Dm Dm7 Dm7/C F F/C Fdim/Ab G G7 G7/B 979