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Verse 1 Fmaj7 Laid up, got me thinkin', babe Em Tell me if you with it 'caus
SAM, 12 / 09, 2021 C Dm Em Fmaj7 487
Verse 1 [G] Go ahead and bark after dark Fallen star, I'm your one [Cmaj7] cal
heyitsmegaming101, 5 / 11, 2022 Am Bm C Cmaj7 D Em F G 94
Intro Rain He wanted it comfortable, I wanted that pain [C] He wanted a bride, I was making my ow
heyitsmegaming101, 21 / 11, 2022 Am C F G 60
This is a simpler easier version of The song Beginner friendly Strumming pattern: DD UU DU Cho
deleteriousdisha, 20 / 03, 2022 A B C#m E F# 0
[G] [Em] [C] [D] [G] I don’t want a lot for Christmas [G/B]There’s just one thing I need [C]I
DDDD, 17 / 11, 2022 Am7 B7 C Cm D D7 E7 Em G G/b 0