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Chords Alternative/Indie

[Intro] Dm Am (x6) [Hook] Dm Am East is up, I'm fearless wh
Michelle C, 14 / 04, 2020 Am Dm F G 830
Verse 1 Em D I was listening to the ocean Em D I saw a f
Tobi, 22 / 05, 2021 Am C Cmaj7 D Em G 807
intro: D A G A D A G Hey, Dorothea, do you e
ginxros, 8 / 06, 2021 A Bm D Em G 556
Bm How's one to know? G Em Bm I'd meet you where the spirit me
ginxros, 26 / 06, 2021 A Asus4 Bm D E Em G 552
[Cmaj7] x2 [G] x2 [Cmaj7] Smoking cigarettes on the [G] roof You [Cmaj7] look so pretty and I love
eliftrgtt, 24 / 04, 2021 Cmaj7 G 523
They tell you while [C]you're young "Girls, go out and have [Am]your fun" Then they hunt and slay
maddie carr, 14 / 11, 2021 Am C C/B E Em F G 435
Legends never [E]die when the world is [C]callin' you Can you hear them [D]screaming out your [Am]n
Glen, 13 / 09, 2021 A/E Am B C D D6 E Em 258
If I had a [C]god My [F] faith would be tested [C] right now I'd [F]head to the hills and [C]pray
Silverlite, 12 / 04, 2022 Am C D F G 47
[Verse] Fmaj7 Fm C Fmaj7 Often I am upset that I cannot fal
Salt Moji, 28 / 03, 2020 Am C D F Fm Fmaj7 0
Intro C Em G D Chorus C Em Why you always in a mood? Fuck
SAM, 3 / 06, 2021 C D Em G 0