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Beautiful year
14 / 02, 2021 at 03:53pm 1
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You Can't Stop The Girl
18 / 04, 2021 at 12:48pm 3
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14 / 06, 2021 at 02:18pm 2
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Recent comments
3 weeks ago Song Arms (Viet Hoang Le)
the chords in the chorus work but they need to be played later
4 weeks ago Song Upside Down (Viet Hoang Le)
yes, the name wrong
2 months ago Correction for song <b>It goes on</b>: Chords alright but with capo on 4 fret
Great song!. Suits fine for the movie 12 strong horse soldiers; US Special Forces.
4 months ago Song Easier (Bui Nhu Sy)
En C#m (-1) es Easier (Live from the vault)
4 months ago Pending song Supernova
Can you add author or singer name? Thank you!
5 months ago Pending song My Angel
I'm 14 and i am the creator of the song, it's dedicated to my Auntie that sadly passed not long ago x
6 months ago Song Sex (Viet Hoang Le)
the singer of the song isnt billie eilish the singer of this song is the band called -the 1975-
6 months ago Song The Night We Met (Viet Hoang Le)
I don't understand why, in the first verse, the lines "And then I can tell myself" don't have the same chords as the opening line (I am not the only traveller). The melody seems to me to be identical. Can someone enlighten me, please?
6 months ago Song Bridge Over Troubled Water (Viet Hoang Le)
I loved the song after I heard it in the TV show 'Lucifer' and decided that I must learn it ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
7 months ago Bài hát Love You Anymore (Duy Võ)
Love. The A7 (piano) chord is wrong (not A7)
8 months ago Song Happier Than Ever (ellaver)
At the bridge “do you…”, C works better than Cadd9
8 months ago Song I Really Want You (Viet Hoang Le)
Does anyone know strumming pattern for this one?
8 months ago Bài hát Et Si Tu Pars (Vương Thiện)
Cette chanson est superbe, j'ai bien connue personnellement ce chanteur Marc Liénard de son vrai nom, mais Art Sullivan pour le public
9 months ago Song Fearless (Bui Nhu Sy)
I believe the capo should be on the third fret, it makes the chords sound right! thanks for posting
9 months ago Song Upside Down (Viet Hoang Le)
This song is not Upside Down by Jack Johnson, this is Bubbly by Colbie Caillat
9 months ago Song Introducing Me (Zarker)
Great! I suggest using Capo 4 though
10 months ago Song Happy new year (Zarker)
Here's the most simple piano tutorial for this song bản
10 months ago Bài hát Is That Alright? (Duy Võ)
Absolutely gorgeous and emotional. I love everything about it
11 months ago Song Can't help falling in love (Zarker)
in thinks its the easiest song ive played so thanks
11 months ago Song The winner takes it all (Zarker)
G has to be Gm in the last sentence second last verse Second verse second line D has to be a C
11 months ago Song Snail (Tobi)
This is an amazing chords! Thanks Tobi
11 months ago Bài hát Mercy (Minh Dũng)
what is the strumming pattern?????
11 months ago Playlists TWICE
I feel happy, happy, happy..
1 years ago Song How Can I Tell Her (Viet Hoang Le)
the bm chord "whenever i'm bm "with you, is shown as a Bb
1 years ago Pending song Saturns rings
Can you add the link for this song? Thanks xD
1 years ago Bài hát Happier (SHINICHI)
The chords are so simple and I love it..
1 years ago Pending song Half The World Away
There is another song but it's not the good author and singer. I don't know how can I change the author and the singer so I created another song. If someone see this and know how to delete the other song or change the author and and the singer, can you do that? It's not Harry Styles and One direction, it's just One Direction. Thanks you