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Renai Circulation
15 / 01, 2022 at 01:01pm 2
Paint It Black
15 / 01, 2022 at 12:56pm 1
Ruru's Livestream Suicide Show
15 / 01, 2022 at 12:52pm 1
Ship in a bottle
11 / 01, 2022 at 09:11pm 2
Beautiful year
14 / 02, 2021 at 03:53pm 1
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Recent comments
2 weeks ago Bài hát Is That Alright? (Duy Võ)
Absolutely gorgeous and emotional. I love everything about it
2 weeks ago Song Can't help falling in love (Zarker)
in thinks its the easiest song ive played so thanks
3 weeks ago Song The winner takes it all (Zarker)
G has to be Gm in the last sentence second last verse Second verse second line D has to be a C
3 weeks ago Song Snail (Tobi)
This is an amazing chords! Thanks Tobi
1 months ago Bài hát Mercy (Minh Dũng)
what is the strumming pattern?????
1 months ago Playlists TWICE
I feel happy, happy, happy..
4 months ago Song How Can I Tell Her (Viet Hoang Le)
the bm chord "whenever i'm bm "with you, is shown as a Bb
5 months ago Pending song Saturns rings
Can you add the link for this song? Thanks xD
5 months ago Bài hát Happier (SHINICHI)
The chords are so simple and I love it..
5 months ago Song Crazier (Viet Hoang Le)
Nice variotion.
6 months ago Pending song Half The World Away
There is another song but it's not the good author and singer. I don't know how can I change the author and the singer so I created another song. If someone see this and know how to delete the other song or change the author and and the singer, can you do that? It's not Harry Styles and One direction, it's just One Direction. Thanks you
6 months ago Song It's You (Tobi)
Thank you soooo much for posting this! It helps me a lot!
6 months ago Song Tratior (niluferakkurt)
Is there a cheat for Fmaj7??
7 months ago Song Sultans Of Swing (Viet Hoang Le)
This website is great, and the tab also, thank you
7 months ago Song All of Me (Viet Hoang Le)
Excellent! Feedback: The first chorus is missing the "Cause all of me"
7 months ago Song request Stuck On You
@tobi thanks man. much appreciated!! <3
8 months ago Song request Stuck On You Here is link of song that you have requested. Thank you!
8 months ago Song Dance Monkey (Viet Hoang Le)
I am feeling so happy after playing dance monkey
8 months ago Song Piano man (Zarker)
Really easy to play
9 months ago Song Song for no one (Ilaria Lüthi)
Thank you for this post <3
9 months ago Song drivers license (ellaver)
Hey this is perfect, thank you so much for these chords :D
10 months ago Song This Is Home (Tobi)
Yes yes yes yes!!! This is so accurate- it's AMAZING!! Thank you so much for making it <3
11 months ago Song Stuck With U (Tobi)
This song is one of my favorites!!!!!!!!!!! Love it <3
11 months ago Bài hát Lost in Japan (Vương Thiện)
Well, it dosen't sound like the song at all :/
11 months ago Song Moral Of The Story (Tobi)
Can you make a version we're Niall is featuring??
11 months ago Song Love Is Gone (Tobi)
Does anyone know the trimming pattern for this song
1 years ago Song My Future (Tobi)
these chords are perfect thank u so much
1 years ago Song Mary Did You Know (Viet Hoang Le)
My mother loves this song. She was so happy when I played and sang it for her.
1 years ago Song Happy together (Zarker)
Nice song. try to change From Bm to Dmaj7 in the chorius