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Chords Rap

[Intro:beabadoobee] C Em Don't stay awake for too long, don't go to
Tobi, 13 / 02, 2020 C Em F Fm 108k
[Verse] Dm His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy Bb
Tobi, 20 / 02, 2020 Bb C Dm 1,688
I'm a, I’m a, I'm a-I'm a-I’m a-I'm a (One, two, three, four) [C]I'm a pretty boy livin' on the wes
Tobi, 16 / 05, 2020 Am C Em F 1,288
Intro Em Am Em C F Verse Am Wait right here Em I'll be back in the mornin' C I know that
Tobi, 21 / 01, 2021 Am C Dm Em F 1,042
(Intro) Am Dm Am Dm Yo, uh, prr!, prr! Am Gucci gang, uh, yeh Dm Lil Pump, you Am Guc
Tobi, 18 / 06, 2020 Am Dm E F 956
D I'm up in the woods Am Em I'm down on my mind
Tobi, 4 / 04, 2020 Am C D Em 930
In [Em]tergalactic, planetary, planetary, intergalactic In [Em]tergalactic, planetary, planetary,
Tobi, 18 / 07, 2020 Em 913
[Cm]Rocco did it again Oh this bitch recordin[G] That's c[Cm]razy, hah, yeah, sl[G]att, you know,
Tobi, 10 / 04, 2020 Cm G Gm 825
Intro G This what they all been waitin' for D I guess so Em They been waitin' for this shit fo
SAM, 18 / 06, 2021 C D Em G 584
Don't [Gm7] go, don't [Dm7] go to sleep Don't [Ebmaj7] go, [Ebmaj7] stay [F] up and don't go Tired
Tobi, 24 / 10, 2021 Dm7 Ebmaj7 F Gm7 518