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Sleigh Ride

C Johnny Mathis F# Vote rhythm
Tone: [C]
Capo: 6
Just hear those [C]sleigh bells [Am]jingling, [Dm]ring ting [G]tingling [C]too [Am] [Dm] Come [G]on, it's
[C]lovely [Am]weather for a [Dm]sleigh ride to[G]together with [C]you, [Am] [Eb] Out[G]Outside the
[C]snow is [Am]falling and [Dm]friends are [G]calling "Yoo[C]"Yoohoo," [Am] [Dm] Come [G]on, it's
[C]lovely [Am]weather for a [Dm]sleigh ride to[G]together with [C]you.
Giddy [F#m]up, giddy up, giddy [B7]up,let's go, [E] Let's look at the [E6]show,
[F#m7]We're riding in a [B7]wonderland of [E]snow.
Giddy [Em7]up, giddy up, giddy [A7]up,it's grand, [D]Just holding your [D6]hand,
[Dm] We're gliding along with a song in a [G7]wintry [Dm7]fairy [G7]land.
Our cheeks are [C]nice and [Am]rosy and [Dm]comfy [G]cozy are [C]we [Am] [Dm] We're [G]snuggled
[C]up to[Am]together like [Dm]birds of a [G]feather would [C]be [Am] [Eb] Let'[G]Let's take that
[C]road be[Am]before us and [Dm]sing a [G]chorus or [C]two [Am] [Dm] Come [G7]on, it's
[C]lovely [Am]weather for a [Dm]sleigh ride to[G7]together with [C]you.
There's a [Gmaj7]birthday party at the home of Farmer [Em]Gray
It'll [Cmaj7]be the perfect ending a perfect [Am]day
We'll be [C]singing the songs we [F]love to [G]sing with[Em]without a [E7]single [Am]stop,
At the [E]fireplace [Fm7]while we [F#m7]watch the [B]chestnuts [E]pop.
[Dm]Pop! pop! [G]pop!
There's a [Gmaj7]happy feeling nothing in the world can [Em]buy,
When they [Cmaj7]pass around the chocolate and the pumpkin [Am]pie
It'll [C]nearly be like a [F]picture [G]print by [Em]Curri[E7]Currier and [Am]Ives
[Dm7] These wonderful things are the things we remember all through our [G7]lives!
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Updated 2019-12-13
Views: 704 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Johnny Mathis Genre: US-UK , Christmas Songs Favorite: 1
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