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My Man

F The Eagles F Vote rhythm
[F]Tell me the truth, [Fmaj7]how do you feel?
Like you're [Bb]rollin' so
fast that you're [Gm]spinnin' your wheels?
[F]Don't feel too bad, you're [C]not all alone
We're [Bbmaj7]all tryin' to get alon[Gm]along
[F]With ev'rybody else tryin[Fmaj7]tryin' to go their way
You're bound[Bb]bound to get tripped, and [Gm]what can you say?
[F]Just go along til they tur[C]turn out the lights
There's not[Bbmaj7]nothin' we can do to fight i[Gm]it
[Bb]No man's [C]got it [F]made
Till he's [Gm7]far be[Am]beyond the [Bb]pain
And [F]we who [C]must re[Dm]remain
[C]Go on [Bbmaj7]living [C]just the [F]same [C]
[F]I once knew a man, a ver[Fmaj7]very talented guy
He'd si[Bb]sing for the people and people wou[Gm]would cry
[F]They knew that his song[C]song came from deep down inside
You could [Bbmaj7]hear it in his voice and [Gm]see it in his eyes [F]
And so he [Fmaj7]traveled along, [Bb]touch your heart, [Gm]then be gone
Like a [F]flower, he bloo[C]bloomed till that
old [Bb]hickory wind [Gm]called him home
[Bb]My man's [C]got it [F]made
He's gone [Gm7]far be[Am]beyond the [Bb]pain
And [F]we who [C]must re[Dm]remain
[C]Go on [Bbmaj7]living [C]just the [F]same
(over verse chords)
[Bb]Now my man's [C]got it [F]made
He's gone [Gm7]far be[Am]beyond the [Bb]pain
And [F]we who [C]must re[Dm]remain
[C]Go on [Bbmaj7]living [C]just the [F]same
[F]We who [C]must re[Dm]remain [C]go on [Bb]laughing [C]just the [F]same
[Ab] [Bb] [F]
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Updated 2019-09-12
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