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Certain Kind Of Fool

Dsus4 The Eagles D Vote rhythm
[Dsus4] [D] [-] [Dsus4] [D] [Asus4] [A] [Asus4] [A] [(2] [times)]
He w[Dsus4]as a poor[D] boy,[Dsus4] raised in a [D]small fami[Asus4]ly [A] [Asus4]
He[A] kind of had[Dsus4] a crav[D]ing [Dsus4]for something no [D]one else could [Asus4]see [A] [Asus4]
T[A]hey said that he w[Dsus4]as cra[D]zy, [Dsus4]the kind that no l[D]ady sho[Asus4]uld meet [A] [Asus4]
[A]He ran off to[Dsus4]to the ci[D]city, [Dsus4]and wandered ar[D]ound in the[Asus4] street [A] [Asus4] [A]
He wa[Dsus4]wants to [E5]dance,[E]dance, [A/E] [E] [E5] oh[E] yeah!
[A/E]He wants t[E]to s[E5]sing, [E] [A/E] [E] [E5] oh[E] yeah!
[A/E]He wants [G]to see the lights aflashing, a[D]and listen to the thunde[Asus4]thundering [A]
He saw it in a [Dsus4]win___[D]win___dow, [Dsus4]a mark of a [D]new kind of[Asus4]of man [A] [Asus4]
[A]He kind of lik[Dsus4]ed the feel[D]ing,[Dsus4] so shiny [D]smooth in his[Asus4] hand [A] [Asus4]
[A]He took it to t[C]he cou[G]ntry, a[C]nd practised for [G]days without [D]rest [A]
And then one day[Dsus4] he felt[D] it,[Dsus4] he knew he could [D]stand with the[Asus4] best [A] [Asus4] [A]
They got [E5]respect,[E]respect, [A/E] [E] [E5] oh[E]oh yeah!
[A/E]He wants th[E]the sa[E5]same, [E] [A/E] [E] [E5] oh[E] yeah!
[A/E]And it's [G]a certain kind of fool who likes t[D]to hear the sound of his own [Asus4]name [A]
A poster on a[Dsus4] store[D] front[Dsus4], a picture of [D]a wanted[Asus4] man [A] [Asus4]
H[A]e had a re[Dsus4]putati[D]on[Dsus4], spreading like [D]fire through the[Asus4] land [A]
It wasn't for the [C]mon[G]money, at [C]least it didn't [G]start that [D]way [A]
It wasn't for the[Dsus4] runni[D]ng,[Dsus4] but now he's running e[D]v'r[Asus4]yday. [A7]
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Dsus4 D - Asus4 A (2 times) E5 E A/E G C A7 0

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Updated 2019-09-12
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