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Try And Love Again

D The Eagles D Vote rhythm
[D]When you're out there on your own
Where your memories can [G]find you
Like a circle goes a[D]around
You were lost until you found out
What it all comes [G]down to
[G]One [F#m]by [Em]one
The [F#m]lonely [A]feelings [D]come
[G]Day [F#m]by [Em]day
They [F#m]slowly [A]fade [D]away
[D]Ooh, the look was in her eyes
you never know what might be [G]found there
She was dancing right in [D]time
And the moves she made so fine
Like the music that sur[G]surrounds her
Should I [G]stay [F#m]or [Em]go?
I [F#m]really [A]want to [D]know
Would I [G]loose [F#m]or [Em]win
If I [F#m]try and [A]love ag[D]again?
[G]Ooohh gonna try and love ag[D]again
[G]Ooohh I'm gonna try and love ag[D]again
[G]Ooohh gonna try and love
[D]Right or wrong, what's done is done
It's only moments that we [G]borrow
But the thoughts will linger [D]on
of the lady and her song
When the sun comes up tom[G]tomorrow
Well, it [G]might [F#m]take [Em]years
To [F#m]see through [A]all these [D]tears
[G]Don't [F#m]let [Em]go
When you [F#m]find it [A]you will [D]know
[G]Oh, gonna try and love ag[D]again
[G]Oh, gonna try and love ag[D]again
[G]Oh, gonna try and love ag[D]again
G and D until end
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Updated 2019-09-12
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Author: The Eagles Genre: US-UK Favorite: 2
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