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The Last Resort

E The Eagles E Vote rhythm
[E] She came from [A]Providence t[-]he[B] one in Rhode I[E]sland,
[E] where the old world shad[A]ows hang h[-]ea[B]vy in the ai[E]r.
[E] She packed her h[A]hopes and dreams [-]li[B]ke a refu[E]gee,
[E] just as her fathe[A]father came [-]ac[B]across the [E]sea.
[E] She heard abo[A]about a place [-] p[B]eople were smi[E]ling,
[E] spoke about the r[A]red man's ways, [-] h[B]ow they lo[E]ved the land.
[E] They came from eve[A]everywhere [-]to[B] the Great Div[E]ide,
[E] seeking a pl[A]place to stand [-] o[B]r a place to h[E]ide.
[E] Down in the c[A]crowded bars, [-] o[B]ut for a good t[E]ime,
[E] can't wait to t[A]tell you all [-]wh[B]at it's like up th[E]ere.
[E] They called it p[A]aradise, I[-] d[B]on't know wh[E]y,
[E] somebody laid the mou[A]mountains low, [-]wh[B]while the town got [E]high.
+ E - A (2x) + E - B7 - E
[E] And when the chilly[A]chilly winds blew down [-]ac[B]ross the des[E]ert,
[E] through the canyons o[A]of the coast [-] t[B]o the mal[E]ibus,
[E] where the pretty [A]people played, [-] h[B]hungry for p[E]power,
[E] to light their[A] neon ways, g[-]iv[B]e 'em things to d[E]o.
[E] Some rich man came and [A]raped the land, [-] n[B]nobody caught h[E]him,
[E] put up a bunch of ug[A]ugly boxes [-] a[B]and Jesus people bought [E]them.
[E] They called it [A]paradise, [-]th[B]the place to [E]be,
[E] they watched the [A]hazy sun [-] s[B]sinking in the s[E]sea.
+ E - A (2x) + G - C (2x) + G - D + G - C (8x)
[G] We can leave it a[C]all behind, [-] a[D]and sail to [G]Lahaina,
[G] just like the missionar[C]missionaries did, [-] [D]so many years [G]ago.
[G] They even brought a [C]neon sign, [-]Je[D]Jesus is [G]coming”,
[G] brought the white man's [C]burden down, [-] b[D]brought the white man's r[G]reign.
[G] And we'll provide the [C]grand design, [-] w[D]what is yours and [G]what is mine,
[G] 'cuz there is no more [C]new frontier, [-] [D]we have got to [G]make it here.
[G] We satisfied our [C]endless needs, [-]an[D]and justified our [G]bloody deeds,
[G] in the name of [C]destiny, [-]an[D]and in the name of [G]God.
[G] And you can[C]can see them there [-] o[D]n Sunday m[G]orning,
[G] stand up and [C]sing about [-] [D]what it's like up [G]there.
[G] They called it[C]it paradise, I[D]I don't know [G]why
[G] to call someplace p[C]paradise, [-] [D]kiss it [G]goodbye.
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Updated 2019-09-12
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