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The Sad Café

A The Eagles B Vote rhythm
Capo on 2nd fret
[A] [Dm] [E] [A] [A] [Dm] [E] [E7] [A]
[A] [Dm] [E] [A] [A] [Dm7] [E] [E7] [A]
[A] Out in the [Dm]shiny night, [E]the rain was softly [A]falling
[A] Tracks that ran down [Dm]the boulevard [E]had all been [E7]washed a[A]away
[A] Out of the [Dm]silver light, [E]the past came softly [A]calling
[A] And I remember the [Dm]times we spent [E]inside the [E7]Sad Caf[A]Café
[A] Oh, it seemed like a [Dm]holy place, [E]protected by a[A]amazing grace
[A] And we would sing [Dm]right out loud, [E]the things we [E7]could not [A]say
[A] We thought we could [Dm]change this world [E]with words like "love" and "[A]"freedom"
[A] We were part of the [Bm7b5]lonely crowd [E]inside the [E7]Sad Caf[A]Café
[F#m]Oh, expecting to [C#m7]fly
We would [F#m]meet on that beautiful shore in the sweet by and [Bm]by [E]
[A] Some of their [Dm]dreams came true, [E]some just passed a[A]away
[A] And some of them [Bm7b5]stayed behind, [E]inside the [E7]Sad Caf[A]Café
[A] [Dm] [E] [A] [A] [Bm7b5] [E] [E7] [A]
The [Esus4]clouds rolled [E]in and [Esus4]hid that [E]shore
[Esus4]Now that [E]Glory Train, it [Esus4]don't stop here no [E]more
[Dsus4] Now I look at the [D]years gone by and [Dsus4]wonder at the powers that [D]be
[Esus4] I don't know why fortune [E]smiles on some [Esus4] and lets the rest go [E]free
Mmmmmm[A]Mmmmmmm Maybe the [Dm]time has drawn [E]the faces I re[A]recall
[A] But things in this life cha[Dm]change very slowly if [E]they e[E7]ever change at [A]all
[A] No use in [Dm]asking why, [E] it just turned out that [A]way
[A] So meet me at [Bm7b5]midnight baby [E]inside the [E7]Sad Caf[A]Café
[A] Why don't you meet me at [Bm7b5]midnight, baby, [E]inside the [E7]Sad Caf[A]Café
[A] [Bm7b5] [E] [E7] [A] [x8]
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Updated 2019-09-12
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