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Waiting In The Weeds

G The Eagles G# Vote rhythm
Capo on 1st fret
[G]It's comin' on the end of Au[Em]August
[G]Another summer's promise almost [Em]gone
And though I h[C]heard some wise man say
That every d[G]dog will have his day
He n[F]never mentioned that these dog days get so [Am]long [D]
[G]I don't know when I realized the dream was [Em]over
[G]Well, there was no particular hour, no given [Em]day
You know, it di[C]didn't go down in flame
There was no fi[G]final scene, no frozen frame
[F]I just watched it slowly fade a[Am]away [D]
And[Em]And I've been waiting in the w[G]weeds
Waiting for my [Am]time to come ar[C]around again and
[Em]Hope is floating on the bre[G]breeze
Carrying my s[Am]soul high up ab[C]above the ground and
[Em]I've been keepin' to my[G]myself Knowin'
that the sea[Am]seasons are sl[C]slowly changing
[Em]Even though you're with somebody e[G]else
He'll never love you l[Am]like I do [C]
[G]I've been biding time with the crows and s[Em]sparrows
[G]While peacocks prance and strut upon the s[Em]stage
If finding lo[C]love is just a dance Pro[G]Proximity and chance
You will ex[F]excuse me if I skip the masque[Am]masquerade [D]
[Em]And I've been waiting in the we[G]weeds
Waiting for the d[Am]dust to settle [C]down along the
[Em]Back roads running through the fi[G]fields
Lying on the out[Am]outskirts of this lon[C]lonesome town
And I ima[Em]imagine sunlight in your ha[G]hair
You're at the county f[Am]fair
You're holding ha[C]hands and laughing
[Em]And now the ferris wheel has sto[G]stopped
You're swinging on the [Bm]top
Suspended th[F#]there with him
And [G]he's the darling of the [D]sheik
The flavor of the w[Bm]week is me[F#]melting
[G]Down your pretty summer d[D]dress
Baby, what a me[F#]mess you're making
[Bm] [A#aug] [D] [A#aug]
[Bm]I've been stumbling through some [A#aug]dark places
[D]Now I'm following the [A#aug]plow
[Bm]I know I've fallen out of your [A#aug]good graces
[Am]It's alright n[D]now
[Em]And I've been waiting in the w[G]weeds
Waiting for the su[Am]summer rain to [C]fall upon the
[Em]Wild birds scattering the se[G]seeds
Answering the call[Am]calling of the ti[C]tide's eternal [Em]tune
The phases of the m[G]moon
The chambers of the [Am]heart
The ebb and d[C]dart of small gray
Sp[Em]Spiders spinning in the d[G]dark
In spite of all the ti[Am]times the web is [C]torn apart
And[Em]And I've been waiting in the [G]weeds
Waiting for the t[Am]time to come a[C]around again and
Ho[Em]Hope is floating on the br[G]breeze
Carrying my s[Am]soul high up a[C]above the ground and
I'[Em]I've been keepinl to my[G]myself
Knowing that the s[Am]seasons are s[C]slowly changing
Ev[Em]Even though you're with somebody [G]else
He'll never love you l[Am]like I d[C]do
[Em] [G] [Am] [C]
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Updated 2019-09-12
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