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How Long

C The Eagles C Vote rhythm
[C] [F] [C]
[C]Like a blue bird with
his heart removed, [F]lonely as a train
[C]I've run [G]just as [C]far as I [G]can run[C]run
[C]If I never see the good old days [F]shinin' in the sun
[C]I'll be doin' f[G]fine and then some[C]some
[Am]How [G]long, [F]how [C]long
Woman will you w[G]weep
[Am]How [G]long, [F]how [C]long
[G]Rock yourself to slee[C]sleep
[C]Well I been doin' time in lonesome
prison, [F]where the sun don't shine
[C]Just outside, the freedom river run[G]runs
[C]Out there in that shiny night,
[F]with blood hounds on your mind
[C]Don't you know it's the [G]same sad situa[C]situation?
[Am]How [G]long, [F]how [C]long
Woman will you w[G]weep
[Am]How [G]long, [F]how [C]long
[G]Rock yourself to slee[C]sleep
(Joe's instrumental)
[C] [F] [C] [G]
[C]Everybody feels alright you know, I[F]I
heard some poor fool say (Somebody Ooooo)
[C]Everyone is out there on the loos[G]loose
[C]Well I wish I lived in the land
of fools, [F]no one knew my name
[C]But what you get is [G]not quite what you c[C]choose
[Am]Tell me, how [G]long, [F]how [C]long
Woman will you we[G]weep
[Am]How [G]long, [F]how l[C]long
[G]Rock yourself to sleep[C]sleep
[Am]How l[G]long, [F]how l[C]long (long and drawn out)
[Am]Muddy R[D]River runs s[G]so deep
[Am]How [G]long, [F]how [C]long (long and drawn out)
[C]Good night baby, r[G]rock yourself to sleep,
[C]Sleep tight baby, r[G]rock yourself to sleep,
[C]B-B-B Bye bye baby, [G]Rock yourself to s[F]sleep [C]
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Updated 2019-09-12
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