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Already Gone

G The Eagles G Vote rhythm
[G] [D] [C] [G] [D] [C]
Well, I [G]heard some people [D]talking just the [C]other day [Bb]
And they [G]said you were gonna [D]put me on a s[C]shelf
Well, let me tell you I've [G]got some news for [D]you
And you'll [C]soon find out it's true
And then you'll [G]have to eat your l[D]lunch all by yours[C]yourself
Coz I'm [G]al - [D] ready [C]gone, and I'm [G]fee--[D]fee--ee--eeling s[C]strong
I will [G]si--[D]si--ing this vict'ry [C]song, woo-oo-[G]woo-oo-oo, my [D]my, woo-oo-[C]oo
The lette[G]r that you wrote m[D]e made me stop an[C]d wonder w[Bb]hy
But I gue[G]ss you felt like you[D] had to set t[C]hings right
Just remember this my girl [G]when you look up i[D]in the sky
You can see[C] the stars and still not se[G]e the light, that'[D]s right [C]
Coz I'm [G]al - [D] ready [C]gone, and I'm [G]fee--[D]fee--ee--eeling s[C]strong
I will [G]si--[D]si--ing this vict'ry [C]song, woo-oo-[G]woo-oo-oo, my [D]my, woo-oo-[C]oo
Well, I k[G]know it wasn't you [D]who held me down.[C]down. [Bb]
Heaven kn[G]ows it wasn't you wh[D]o set me free[C]
So oftentimes it happens th[G]that we live our liv[D]lives in chains
That we nev[C]never even know we have the ke[G]key [D] [C]
Me, I'm [G]already gon[D]e, and I'[C]m feeling stro[G]ng [D] [C]
I will [G]sing[D] this vict'ry son[C]g, coz I'm alr[G]eady go[D]ne [C]
Coz I'm [C]al - [G] ready g[F]one, and I'm fe[C]e--[G]ee--eeling [F]strong
I will [C]si--[G]si--ing this vict'ry [F]song, coz I'm [C]al [G] - ready g[F]gone
Yes, I'm[C] already go[G]ne, alread[F]y gone (awright[C], n[G]ighty night[F])
Already g[G]gone, already g[F]gone
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Updated 2019-09-12
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Author: The Eagles Genre: US-UK Favorite: 1
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