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After The Thrill Is Gone

G The Eagles G Vote rhythm
[G]Same dances in the s[C]same old shoes, [G]same habits that you [C]just can’t lose
[Am]There's no tellin' what a [G]man might use [Am]After the thrill is gon[G]gone [D] [C] [G]
[G]The flame rises but it so[C]soon descends [G]Empty pages and a [C]frozen pen;
[Am]You're not quite lovers and you're [G]not quite friends
[Am]After the thrill is gone[G]gone
[Em]What can you do when your drea[Bm]dreams come true and it's [Am]not quite like you
[Em]What have you done to be l[Bm]losing the one, you [Cm]held it so tight in
your h[D]hand, well
[G]Time passes and [C]you must move on, [G]half the distance takes you twice as
[C]long [Am]So you keep on singing for the [G]sake of the song
[Am]After the thrill is gone[G]gone
[Am]After the thrill is gone[G]gone
[Em]You're afraid you might fall o[Bm]out of fashion [Am]and you're feeling cold
and smal[G]small A[Em]Any kind of love without [Bm]passion That ai[Cm]n't no kind of lovin'
at al[D]all [D] [C] [G]
[G]Same dances in the s[C]same old shoes, [G]you get too careful w[C]with the steps you choose
[Am]You don't care about winning but you [G]don't want to lose
[Am]After the thrill is gone[G]gone
[Am]After the thrill is gone[G]gone
[Am]After the thrill is gone[G]gone, oh
[Cm]After the thrill is gone[G]gone
[C] [Cm] [G]
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Updated 2019-09-12
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