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The Girl From Yesterday

G The Eagles G Vote rhythm
Key G
[C] [G/B] [Am7] [G] [D7] [G] [D7]
It [G]wasn't really sa[G7]sad the way they sa[C]said good-bye
Or [D]maybe it just hurt so bad she [G]couldn't cry [D]
[C/E] [D/F#]He [G]packed his things, walke[G7]walked out the door and drove[C]drove away
[G/B] [Am7] And [G]she became th[D7]the girl from yester[G]yesterday [D7]
(same as verse 1)
He took a plane across the sea to some foreign land
She stayed at home and tried so hard to understand
How someone who had been so close could be so far away
[G/B] [Am7] And [G]she became th[D7]the girl from yester[G]yesterday
[D/F#] [Em7] She [D]doesn't know what's right
She [C]doesn't know what's [G]wrong
She [C]only [D/F#]knows the pa[Em7]in that co[G/D]mes fr[C]om waiting for so [D7]long
And she [C]doesn't count the tea[G]teardrops
That she's [C]cried while he's away[G]away
Be[Em]Because she know[D]knows deep [C]in her [G/B]heart
That [Am7]he'll be back somed[D7sus]someday [D7] [Em7] [D/F#]
[G] [G7] [C] [C] [G/B] [Am7] [G] [D7] [G] [E] [D/F#] [E/G#]
The [A]light's on in the wi[A7]window; she's[D]she's waiting by the phone
[E7]Talking to a memory that's [A]never coming ho[E7]home [F#m7] [E/G#]
She [A]dreams of his re[A7]returning and the[D]the things that he might say
[A/C#] But[Bm7]But she'll [A]always be th[E7]the girl from yesterday [A] [Bm7] [A/C#] [D]
[A/C#] Yea[Bm7]h she'll[A] always be t[E7]he girl from yesterday [D] [A/C#] [Bm7] [A]
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C G/B Am7 G D7 G7 D C/E D/F# Em7 G/D Em D7sus E E/G# A A7 E7 F#m7 A/C# Bm7 0

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Updated 2019-09-12
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Author: The Eagles Genre: US-UK Favorite: 1
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