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[E] When the dinner gets [C#m]cold and the chatter gets [A]old You ask for the [B]tab [E] Oh th
v, 21 / 07, 2024 93
The moon is [D]high Like your friends were the night that we first [D]met Went home and tried to s
v, 21 / 07, 2024 152
[C]I've been having a hard time adjusting [F]I had the shiniest wheels, now they're rusting [C]I d
v, 21 / 07, 2024 96
[G] [G] [G]I am not the kind of [D]girl Who should be [Am]rudely barging in On a [C]white v
v, 21 / 07, 2024 142
[C#] [C#]Flamingo pink, Sunrise Boulevard [A#m]Clink, clink, [Fm]being this [F#]young is art [
v, 21 / 07, 2024 81

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