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I've been here all [Em]night, (Ariana!) [B] I've been [D]here all [Em]day, ([B]Nicki [D]Minaj!) A
Chord Imperfect, 2 / 03, 2017 B C D Em 5,664
Cham [Bb]isanghae bunmyeong nan [Dm]neoreul neomu [C]saranghaessneunde (saranghaessneunde) Modu [Bb
Chord Imperfect, 16 / 08, 2018 Bb C Dm F 5,332
Verse1 I'm [C]jealous, I'm [D]overzealous When I'm [G]down, I get real down When I'm [Em]high, I
Chord Imperfect, 10 / 04, 2017 C D Em G 4,989
[G]I never came to the beach or [C]stood by [G]the ocean [C] [Bm]I never sat by the [Em]shore unde
Chord Imperfect, 27 / 05, 2017 Am Bm C Em G 4,843
[Am]Ain't no sunshine when she's gone. [Am] [Em] [G] [Am] [Am]It's not warm when she's away. [Am] [
Chord Imperfect, 26 / 03, 2017 A Am Dm Em G 4,665
[C]Joy to the world, the [G]Lord is [C]come! Let [F]earth [G]receive her [C]King; Let [C]every he
Chord Imperfect, 25 / 12, 2017 C F G 4,396
[C#m]I'm a Barbie [F#m]girl, [B]in a Barbie [E]world [C#m]Life in [F#m]plastic, [B]it's fantastic
Chord Imperfect, 20 / 04, 2018 A B C#m E F#m G#m 3,407
[D]Glory glory Man united, [G]Glory glory Man united, [Bm]Glory glory Man united, As the [Em]r
Chord Imperfect, 31 / 07, 2018 A A# Bm Cm D D# Em Fm G G# 3,046
[C]No [G]woman no [Am]cry [F] [C]No [F]woman [G]no [C]cry [C]No [Am]woman no [F]cry [G] [C]No [F]
Chord Imperfect, 16 / 04, 2018 Am C F G 2,957
Lala[F]lalalalala la[C]lalalalalala La[F]lalalalalala la[C]lalalalalala [F]You and [Gm]me in the
Chord Imperfect, 10 / 07, 2018 Bb C F Gm 2,953