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I like your [C]eyes, you look away when you pre[Am]tend not to care I like the [Dm]dimples on the c
Chord Imperfect, 7 / 10, 2018 A Am C Dm E Em F Fmaj7 G G7 Gsus4 31,079
輕輕貼近你的耳朵 Qīng qīng tiējìn [Bb] nǐ de [C] ěrduǒ 莎朗嘿喲 [Am] Shā lǎng hēi [Dm] yō 情話永遠不嫌太多 Q
Chord Imperfect, 26 / 04, 2018 Am Bb C Dm F 13,995
[D]Sunday morning up with the lark I think I’ll take a walk in the park [G]Hey, hey [A]hey, it’s
Chord Imperfect, 3 / 11, 2018 A B D E E7 F#7 G 10,431
Capo 2 [C]I can't focus on what [Em]needs to get done [Am]I'm on notice, hoping [F]that you don'
Chord Imperfect, 20 / 08, 2018 Am C Em F G 9,231
(Intro) [Am]Call it [F]love and devotion [G] [C] Call it the mom’s [Am]adoration Foundation [F]
Chord Imperfect, 10 / 02, 2017 Am C Dm E Em F G 7,197
You can call me [C#m]artist. You can call me idol Anim eotteon dareun mwora haedoI don’t care. I’
Chord Imperfect, 24 / 08, 2018 A C#m F#m G#7 G#m 4,084
(Verse1) We were staying in [F]Paris To get away from your [Am]parents and I thought, wow If I co
Chord Imperfect, 15 / 01, 2017 Am Em Em7 F G 3,226
(Verse 1) [C] Give me Freedom , [F]Give me fire [Am] Give me reason , [G]Take me higher [C] See t
Chord Imperfect, 7 / 03, 2017 Am C F G 3,167
Intro: [Am]One, one, one... Verse1: [Am]Talkin' in my sleep at night Makin' myself [G] crazy
Chord Imperfect, 17 / 04, 2018 Am F G 2,848
Cham [Bb]isanghae bunmyeong nan [Dm]neoreul neomu [C]saranghaessneunde (saranghaessneunde) Modu [Bb
Chord Imperfect, 16 / 08, 2018 Bb C Dm F 2,430