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uploading conan songs because he's more than the 'heather' guy.

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[C] [G] [C] [G] [C]When I picture my [G]hometown There's a [D]bronze spray-tanned statue of you
v, 23 / 06, 2024 488
Intro: G Bm Am C Verse 1: G Bm Been rotating the same two
Tobi, 11 / 10, 2023 1,089
Was [G]any of it true[D]? [G]Gazing at me st[D]arry-eyed In your Jeho[G]vah's Witness [D]suit W[G
Liz_Folklore, 9 / 05, 2024 5,628
[D]See you in the dark [A]All eyes on you, my magician [G]All eyes on us [D]You make everyone dis
v, 4 / 06, 2024 461

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-Intro- G -Verse 1- C G By all accounts, she almost drowned
savantics, 21 / 06, 2024 662
-Intro- C G Am F -Verse 1- C We were in the backseat G
savantics, 21 / 06, 2024 537
-Intro- Em Cadd9 D Em Cadd9 D Uh-uh, uh, uh -Verse- Em You brush past me
savantics, 21 / 06, 2024 649
G Verse Bm Quick, quick D Tell me something awful like
savantics, 21 / 06, 2024 860
[G]My knuckles were [Am]bruised like violets[C] Sucker punching walls,[G] cursed you as I sleep-tal
savantics, 20 / 06, 2024 738

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