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Songs Tango

Verse 1 F G Em F A broken heart is all that's left F G Em
Zarker, 21 / 08, 2019 Am C Dm E Em F Fmaj7 G 3,457
Verse 1: An [C]empty street and [G]empty house A [Em]hole inside my [Am]heart I'm [F]all alone
Tobi, 23 / 06, 2019 A Am Am7 Bm7 C D Dm E Em F G 2,405
[C] Someone told me long ago There's a calm before the storm, I [G] know And it's been coming for
Zarker, 26 / 07, 2019 Am C Em F G 2,316
[Bm]cheoeumbuteo naegen [F#7]eobsdeongeoya [G]salang-ilan jag-eun [E6]yeoyudo [Em]geulaeseoinji n
Chord Imperfect, 28 / 08, 2018 A B7 Bm C#dim C#dim7 D E6 Em F#7 F#m G 1,372