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Nae nargeun [Cmaj7] gitareul deureo haji [Bm] mothan gobaegeul Hogeun [Cmaj7] gojipseuresamkin iyag
Chord Imperfect, 17 / 02, 2017 A7 Am Bm C Cmaj7 D G 12,016
[G]I know you [Bm]so well, [A]so well I mean, [G]I can do [Bm]anything [A]that he can I've been pr
Chord Imperfect, 4 / 02, 2019 A Bm G 8,309
Verse 1 G A Bm D I've seen the world, done it all, had
Bui Nhu Sy, 19 / 08, 2019 A Bm C D Em F#m G 5,424
[Em]…I’m walking [C]alone, the streets are [G]empty The only thing [D]I can see is my own [Em]silh
Chord Imperfect, 19 / 07, 2018 C D Em G 4,734
[Am]I saw the light on the night that I passed by her [E7]window [Am]I saw the flickering shadow o
Chord Imperfect, 21 / 05, 2017 A7 Am C C7 D Dm E7 F G G7 4,647
(verse 1) [C] Am I [G]asleep, am I [Am]awake or somewhere [G]in between? [C] I can't [G]believe th
Chord Imperfect, 19 / 02, 2017 Am C F G 4,307
[C]Wrapped me in your [Am7]arms Leaned in and [Dm9]whis [G7]pered, [C]"Keep me in your [Am7]heart"
whatever, 10 / 09, 2023 A7 Am7 C C/G Cmaj7 D9 Dm7 Dm9 E7 Em7 Fm6 Fm7 G13 G7 Gsus4 3,820
Verse: [G] I lost my [Am] shoes last night [C] I don’t know [D] where I put my [G] keys [Am] I wa
Chord Imperfect, 13 / 11, 2017 Am C D G 3,517
[G]Every day is a blur Sometimes [Bm]I can't tell what day it is [C]Don't know what day it is [D]
Chord Imperfect, 29 / 04, 2018 B Bm C D D7 E Em G 3,233
Oh [G]Christmas tree, oh [Em]christmas tree, of all the [Am]trees most [D]love[G]ly Oh [G]Christmas
Chord Imperfect, 23 / 12, 2018 Am D E7 Em G 2,922