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Songs Bollero

Verse 1 [Em]What would I [C]do without your smart [G]mouth Drawing me [D]in, and you kicking me [
Tobi, 22 / 06, 2019 Am C D Em G 4,537
[Am]I came your [Em7]danger soul [F]Think so you'll [Em7]say hello [Am]Breaking you [Em7]find to
Chord Imperfect, 6 / 09, 2018 Am Am7 Em7 F Fmaj7 G 3,432
Verse 1 F G Em F A broken heart is all that's left F G Em
Zarker, 21 / 08, 2019 Am C Dm E Em F Fmaj7 G 3,006
(Verse 1) Hey [Am]girl, open the [F]walls Play with your [Dm]dolls We'll [Em]be a perfect family
Chord Imperfect, 2 / 01, 2017 Am Dm Em F 2,615