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Busy Being Fabulous

C The Eagles C Vote rhythm
[C] [Am] [F] [G] [2x]
[C]I came home to an [Am]empty house
[C]And I found your [Am]little note
[F]"Don't wait up for [G]me tonight"
[F]And that was all [G]she wrote
[C]Do you think I don't know [Am]that you're out on the town
[C]With all of your high-[Am]high-rollin' friends?
[F]What do you do when you [G]come up empty?
[F]Where do you go when the [G]party ends?
And you were [C]just too busy being [Am]fabulous
[F]Too busy to [G]think about us
[C]I don't know what you were [Am]dreaming of
[F]Somehow you [G]forgot about love
And you were [C]just too busy being [F]fabul[G]fabulous, uh-[C]uh-huh
[C]A little time in the [Am]country
[C]A day or two to[Am]to slow down
[F]A bottle of wine and a [G]walk in the moonlight
[F]Maybe some foolin' [G]around
[C]But you think time is [Am]just a magazine
[C]And money's just a [Am]thrill
[F]I've waited so long for [G]you to change your way of livin'
[F]Now I realize that [G]you never will
[C]'Cause you were just too busy being [Am]fabulous
[F]Too busy to [G]think about us
[C]Lookin' for something you'll [Am]never find
[F]You'll never know what you [G]left behind
'Cause you were [C]just too busy being [F]fabul[G]fabulous, uh-[C]uh-huh
[C]You tell a [Caug]joke and [Am/C]everybody's l[Caug]laughin'
[C]That's something [Caug]you know [Am/C]how to [Caug]do
[C]You've always [E7]been the l[Am7]life of the party
But [D7]now my baby, the [G]joke is on you
'Cause you were [C]just too busy being [Am]fabulous
[F]Too busy to [G]think about us
[C]Running after something that [Am]never comes
[F]What in the world are you [G]runnin' from?
And you were [C]just too busy being [Am]fabulous
[F]Too busy to [G]think about us
[C]To drink the wine from your [Am]winner's cup
[F]To notice the children [G]were growin' up
And you were [C]just too busy being [Am]fabulous
[F]Too busy, [G]too busy
[C] [Am] [F] [G] [x4] [C]
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Updated 2019-09-12
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