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Tequila Sunrise

G The Eagles G Vote rhythm
[G] [G6] [G] [G6] [Am] [D7] [G] [G]
[G]It's a[G6]another [G]tequila [G6]sunrise
[D]Starin' slowly 'cross the [Am]sky
[D7]Said goodb[G]goodbye [G6] [G] [G6]
[G]He was [G6]just a [G]hired [G6]hand
[D]Workin' on the dreams he planned to t[Am]try
[D7]The days go b[G]by [G6] [G] [G6]
[Em] Every night when the [C]sun goes down
[Em] Just another [C]lonely boy in town
[Em] and [Am]she's out runnin' r[D7]round [D]
[G]She wasn't [G6]just ano[G]another w[G6]woman
[D]And I couldn't keep from comin' o[Am]on
[D7]It's been so lo[G]long [G6] [G] [G6]
[G]Oh, and i[G6]it's a h[G]hollow [G6]feelin'
[D]When it comes down to dealin' fr[Am]friends
[D7]It never en[G]ends
[Am] Take another [D]shot of courage
[Bm] Wonder why the [E]right words never [Am]co - [B]ome
You just get [Em7]numb [A]
[G]It's a[G6]nother t[G]equila s[G6]unrise
[D]This old world still looks the s[Am]same
[D7]Another fr[G]frame [G6] [G] [G6] [G]
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Updated 2019-09-12
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Author: The Eagles Genre: US-UK Favorite: 5
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