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One Of These Nights

Em The Eagles Em Vote rhythm
[Em] [Cmaj7] [Am] [Em] [Bm]
One of these [Em]nights, one of these [Cmaj7]crazy old [Em]nights
we're gonna [Am]find out, pretty mama, what turns [Em]on your lights
The [Em]full moon is calling, the [D6]fever is high
and the [Cmaj7]wicked wind whispers and moans,
[Am]you got your demons, you got your desires,
well, [Em]I got a few of my [Bm]own.
[Cmaj7]Ooh, someone to be kind to [G]in between the darkness and light.
[Cmaj7]Ooh, coming right behind you, [Am]swear I'm gonna find you
[Bm]One of these Nights.
One of these [Em]dreams, one of these [Cmaj7]lost and lonely [Em]dreams
we are gonna [Am]find a girl, one that [Em]really screams
I've been [Em]searchin' for the daughter of the [D6]devil himself
I've been [Cmaj7]searchin' for an angel in white.
I've been [Am]waitin' for a woman who's a little of both
and I can [Em]feel her but she's nowhere in [Bm]sight.
[Cmaj7]Ooh, loneliness will bind you [G]
in between the wrong and the right
[Cmaj7]Ooh, coming right behind you, [Am]swear I'm gonna find you
[Bm]One of these Nights....
One of these [Cmaj7]nights
[G]In between the dark and the light
[Em]Coming right behind you
[Cmaj7]Swear I'm gonna find you
[G]Get 'ya baby one of these nights
One of these [Cmaj7]nights ooh ooh [G]ooh
One of these [Cmaj7]nights
I can [Em]feel it
I can [G]feel it
One of these [Cmaj7]nights
[G]Coming right behind you
Swear I'm gonna find you now
One of these [Cmaj7]nights...
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Updated 2019-09-12
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