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Miley Cyrus

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[Intro] Dm F C A# Dm F C A# [Verse] Dm F Everybody needs inspi
Tobi, 26 / 08, 2019 A# Am C Dm F 9,968
This [C]world can hurt you It [D]cuts you deep and leaves a [Bm]scar Things fall a[G]part, but not
Chord Imperfect, 8 / 12, 2018 Bm C D Em G 5,883
(Verse) [D]I can almost see it [A]That dream I’m dreaming but [G]There’s a voice inside my hea
Tobi, 26 / 06, 2019 A Bm D G 5,237
[G]I never came to the beach or [C]stood by [G]the ocean [C] [Bm]I never sat by the [Em]shore unde
Chord Imperfect, 27 / 05, 2017 Am Bm C Em G 4,800
(Verse 1) I [C] hopped off the plane at [Em] L.A.X. With a [Am] dream and my cardi-[G]gan [C] We
Chord Imperfect, 28 / 09, 2017 Am C Em F G 4,338
[Intro] C F C G Am F C G [Verse] Am C It feels like we
Tobi, 29 / 08, 2019 Am C Cmaj7 Dm F G 2,611
Verse Bm D We clawed, we chained, our hearts in vain
Bui Nhu Sy, 19 / 08, 2019 A Bm D F#m G 2,250
You get the [C]limo out [G]front [Dm] Hottest [F]styles, every [G]shoe, every [Dm]color [F]Yeah, w
Chord Imperfect, 19 / 04, 2018 A Bb Bm C D Dm Em F G 2,229
(Verse 1) [C]Baby... [F]y, [Am]baby [C]yeah Are you [F]listening? [Am] [C]Wondering where [F]you
Chord Imperfect, 26 / 09, 2017 Am C Dm F 2,194
You [A] tuck me in, turn [E6] out the light [F#m] keep me safe and [C#m] sound at night [A] litt
Zarker, 7 / 08, 2019 A C#m E6 F#m 1,744