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Reckless Serenade

D Arctic Monkeys D Vote rhythm
Tone: [D]
[D]Topl[A]Topless m[G]models
[D]Doing sem[A]sema-p[G]a-phore
[D]Wave their flags [A]as s[G]she walks by
And g[D]get [A]ig[G]ignored
[D]On a rain[A]rainy d[G]day
[D]When she walks h[A]her fo[G]footsteps sing
[D]A reckless s[A]sere[G]erenade
[G]I've been t[Bm]trying to
figure out exactly [F#m]what it is I n[G]need
Call up to li[Gm]listen to the voice of [D]reason
And got his[Em]his answering machin[A]machine
[D]The [A]type [G]of kisses
[D]Where tee[A]teeth [G]collide
[D]When she laughs t[A]the h[G]heavens hum
A stu[D]n-g[A]un[G] lullaby
[D]Those[A]Those tw[G]twinkling vixens
[D]With their sh[A]shini[G]ining spiral eyes
[D]Their hypnosis g[A]goes u[G]unnoticed
[D]When she's w[A]walk[G]alking by
[G]I've been t[Bm]trying to figure
out exactly [F#m]what it is I n[G]need
Call up to li[Gm]listen to the voice of [D]reason
And got the[Em]the answering machin[A]machine
[Bm]I left my me[D]message but did he f[G]forget back to [Bb]me
[Bm]Now I'm stuck - still [E]wondering
[G]How it's m[A]meant to [D]be
Singing a [D]reckles[Dmaj7]reckless [Bm]sere-[D]sere-nade
[G]Reckless se[Dmaj7]sere - [D]nade [Dsus2] [D]
[D]Reckle[Dmaj7]Reckless [Bm]sere-[D]sere-nade
[G]Reckless se[Dmaj7]sere - [D]nade
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Updated 2020-03-27
Views: 86 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Arctic Monkeys Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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