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Crying Lightning

Tone: [Am]
[Am]Outside the [F]cafe by the [Am]cracker factory[E]factory
You were [Am]practicing a [G]magic [C]trick [E]
And my [Am]thoughts got [F]rude, as you [Am]talked and [E]chewed
On the [Am]last of your [G]pick and [C]mix [E]
Said your mistaken if your [Am]
thinking that I [F]haven't been caught [Am]cold before[E]before
As you [Am]bit into your [G]strawberry [C]lace [E]
And then a [Am]flip in your at[F]attention in the form [Am]of a gobsto[E]gobstopper
Is all you have [Am]left and it was [G]going to [C]waste[E]waste
[Am]Your past-times, consisted of the strange
And twisted and deranged
And I love that little game you had called
Crying lightning
And how you like to aggravate the
ice-cream man on rainy afternoons
The next time that I [Am]caught my own [F]reflection
It was [Am]on it's way to [E]meet you
[Am]Thinking of [G]excuses to post[C]postpone [E]
You never look like [Am]yourself from the [F]side
But your [Am]profile did not [E]hide
The fact you [Am]knew I was ap[G]approaching your [C]throne [E]
With folded [Am]arms you occu[F]occupy the bench like [Am]toothache[E]toothache
Saw them, puff your [Am]chest out like you [G]never lost a [C]war [E]
And though I [Am]try so not to [F]suffer the ind[Am]indignity of a re[E]reaction
There was [Am]no cracks to [G]grasp or gaps to [C]claw [E]
And your [F]past-times, con[Dm]consisted of the strange
And [Am]twisted and deranged
And I [Am]hate that little game you had called
[F]Crying [Dm]lightning
And how you like to [Am]aggravate the icky man on rainy afternoons
But [Am]not half as impossible as everyone assumes
You are [F]crying [Dm]lightning [Am]
Your past-times, consisted of the strange
And twisted and deranged
And I hate that little game you had called
[F]Crying [Dm]lightning
[Am]Crying lightning
[F]Crying [Dm]lightning
[Am]Crying lightning
[F] [Dm]
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Updated 2020-03-27
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Author: Arctic Monkeys Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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