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Love Is A Laserquest

G Arctic Monkeys A Vote rhythm
Tone: [G]
Capo: 2
Do you[G]you still feel younger than you th[Em]thought you would by now
or, [Am]darling, have you started feeling o[D]old yet?
Don't [G]worry, I'm sure that you're still[Em]still breaking hearts
with the efficien[Am]efficiency that only youth can h[D]harness.
And do you[G]you still think love is a [Em]laserquest?
Or do[Am]do you take it all more seriousl[D]seriously?
I've tried to a[G]ask you this in some d[Em]daydreams that I've had,
but you're alway[Am]always busy being make-believe[D]make-believe.
And [C]do you look into the mirror to [D]remind yourself you're there?
Or have so[G]somebody's good-night kisses got that [C]covered?
When I'm not being honest, I'll [D]pretend that you were [C]just some l[G]lover.
[G]Now I can't think of there with[Em]without thinking of you,
I[Am]I doubt that comes as a surpr[D]surprise.
And I[G]I can't think of anything to dr[Em]dream about,
[Am]I can't find anywhere to h[D]hide.
And when I[C]I'm hanging on by the rings[D]rings around my eyes
and I conv[G]convince myself I need an[C]another.
And for a minute it gets easier to pre[D]tend that you were j[C]ust some l[G]over.
[G] [Em] [Am] [D]
When I'm p[C]pipe and slippers and r[D]rocking chair,
singing d[G]dreadful songs about s[C]summer.
Will I have found a better method of pre[D]tending you were j[C]ust some l[Em]over.
Will I have f[C]ound a better method of pre[D]tending you were j[C]ust some l[G]over...
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Updated 2020-03-25
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Author: Arctic Monkeys Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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