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No Buse

C Arctic Monkeys E Vote rhythm
Tone: [C]
Capo 4
[C]Lady, w[Am]where has your l[Em]love gone? [Cmaj7]
I was [F]looking but can't [Dm]find it anyw[Cmaj7]anywhere [C7]
[F]They always [Dm]offer when there's l[Em]loads of love aroun[A]around
But, when you're [Dm]short of some it's no[G]nowhere [G6]to be [C]found
[C]Well, I k[Am]know your g[Em]game, you [Cmaj7]told him yesterday
[F]No chance, y[Dm]you'll get nothin' fr[Cmaj7]from me [C7]
But now s[F]she's there, y[Dm]you're there, [Em]everybody's th[A]ere
He's in [Dm]turmoil, as p[G]puzzled [G6]as can [C]be
Just lik[C7]like me
Lets go [F]down, down, low d[E]down
Where I kn[Am]know I should not g[Dm]go
Oh and [F]she thinks she's the o[E]one
But she's just [Am]one in 2[Dm]24
And just cause [F]every[F]everybody's[F]body's doin' it
Does that m[E]mean that [E]I c[E]can, too?
[C]Lady, w[Am]here has your l[Em]ove gone[Cmaj7]?
He w[F]as the antise[Dm]ptic to the s[Cmaj7]ore [C7]
[F]To hold you by the h[Dm]and must be f[Em]irst be in de[A]mand
How he l[Dm]longs for you to l[G]long for [G6]him onc[C]e more
Just once m[C7]more
Lets go [F]down, down, low d[E]down
Where I kn[Am]know I should not g[Dm]go
Oh and [F]she thinks she's the o[E]one
But she's just [Am]one in 2[Dm]24
And just cause [F]every[F]everybody's [F]doin' it
Does that m[E]mean that [E]I c[E]can, too?
[Am]Her eyes went down[Em]down and [Em]cut [D#]you [Dm]up
And there's no[G]nothing like a dirty look from
[Am]The one you [Em]want, or the [Em]one y[D#]you've l[Dm]lost [G]
[C]An ache [Am]in your [Em]soul is everybody's [F]goal
To [Dm]get what they c[Cmaj7]can't have [C7]
That's why y[F]your after [Dm]her and that's why [E7]she's after him
But [A7]saying it won't change [Dm]a thing [G] [G6] [C]
[C]And they'll re[Dm]realize that [G]it won't [G6]change a [C]thing [A7]
[Dm]Realizing it[G] won't c[G6]hange a t[C]hing.
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Updated 2020-03-25
Views: 9 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Arctic Monkeys Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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