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E Arctic Monkeys E Vote rhythm
Tone: [E]
[E] Just another[Gdim7]another microcosm [B] somewhere [G#]in the [F#7]ether
[E]Putting a world to [Gdim7]rights with [C#m7]Bing [A]Crosby [F#7]eyes
[A] Over[G#]Oversharing and its [C#m7]bitter aftertaste
Ex[A]Exactly the wrong [G#]time in ex[C#m7]exactly the wrong place
Save [A]it for a rainy [G#]day
Baby, you [C#m7]go hard in the [C#7]paint
It's [F#7]just another race to any[B]anyways
[E] Philanthropic [Gdim7]toga party
[B] What a [G#]place for [F#7]both the [E]
opposite sides of [Gdim7]my double life to [C#m7]final[A]finally col[F#7]collide
[A] Sharing [G#]secrets I was [C#m7]taking to the grave
N[A]Nosebleeds from epi[G#]epiphanies I [C#m7]took full in the face
Oh, [A]come all by the [G#]fire, babe, let's [C#m7]all partici[C#7]participate
In [F#7]yet another race to any[B]anyways
Oh, [E]how's your Mum and Dad be[Gdim7]been doing with the [B]gener[G#]generation [F#7]gap?
[E] [Gdim7] [F#m7] [B7] [Emaj7]
e|----------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--4--------4--5--7--5-----4--5--------4--------4--5--7--4-------------| G|-----4--6--------------6-----------------4--6-------------------------| D|----------------------------------------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------------------|
[E] [Gdim7]
[F#m7] [B7] [Emaj7] [E7]
e|----------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--4--------4--5--7--7--5--4--5-----5------------------------------5---| G|-----4--6-----------------------------6----------6--4------7----------| D|----------------------------------------7--6--4-----------------------| A|----------------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------------------|
Yeah,[A]Yeah, I'm behind my[Am7-5]my movie camera
[G#m7] I've got my meg[C#m7]megaphone
[F#7] You can call me Alexander
It's [Am7-5]nice to meet you all
[E] Listening to the [Gdim7]Shipping Forecast
[B] Driving [G#]to the [F#7]airport
[E]Me and the guys
Met[Gdim7]Metropolis a[C#m7]ablaze [A]in the [F#7]rear view
[A] Devising methods to both [E]have and eat your cake
[A] Mmm, just like the ones that Mother [E]Nature used to bake
You [A]look as if you [G#]know exactly [C#m7]what I'm gonna [C#7]say
Is [F#7]just another race to [Am]
Any[E]Anyways [D#] [E]
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E Gdim7 B G# F#7 C#m7 A C#7 F#m7 B7 Emaj7 E7 Am7-5 G#m7 Am D# 0

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Updated 2020-03-21
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Author: Arctic Monkeys Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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