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Saturday Night

G The Eagles G Vote rhythm
[G] [Em] [Am7] [D7] [G] [D]
[G]Seems like a d[Em]dream now it was [Am7]so long ago
The m[D7]oon burned so bright and the t[C]ime went so s[D]low
And I s[G]swore that I l[Em]loved her and [Am7]gave her a ring
The bl[D]bluebird was high on the w[G]wing
[Am7]Whatever ha[G]ppened to S[C]aturday N[G]ight
[Am7]Finding a s[G]sweetheart and holding her [Dm7]tight
She said "T[Am]ell me, oh, t[G]ell me, w[C]as I all r[G]ight?"
[C]Whatever h[G]happened to [D7]Sat[G]ur[D7]day N[G]ight?
The y[G]years brought the r[Em]railroad, it [Am7]ran by my door
Now there's b[D7]oards on the windows and d[C]ust on the f[D]loor
And she [G]passes the t[Em]time at a[Am7]another man's side
And [D]I pass the t[D7]time with my p[G]pride [G7]
[C]What a tangled w[G]eb we w[G7]eave, go 'r[C]ound with circumst[G]ance [G7]
[C]Somone show me h[G]ow to t[Em]ell the d[G]ancer [C/G]from the d[G]ance
[Am] [E7] [Am] [E7] [Am] [E7] [C] [D] [D7] [G#dim7]
[Am7]Whatever h[G]appened to S[C]aturday N[G]ight
[Am7]Choosing a fr[G]friend and losing a f[Dm7]fight?
She said "T[Am]ell me, oh, t[G]ell me, a[C]re you all r[G]ight?"
[C]Whatever h[G]appened to S[D7]atu[G]rd[D7]ay N[Em]ight
[C#dim7]Whatever h[G/D]happened to [D7]Sat[G]ur[D7]day N[G]ight[C] [G]
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Updated 2019-09-12
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