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Tone: [Gm7]
Verse 1:
[Gm7]It always goes like this
[C]could've predicted it
[Fmaj7]I'm so naive to
think you [D7]loved me for me
[Gm7]Kissed as I ran off stage
[C]Too old to play this game
[Fmaj7]Guess you're still growing up at [D7]thirty
[Gm7]Oh [C7]
Were you [Fmaj7]surprised by me?
When you took me [A7]home
When the [Bbmaj7]glamour wore off
Red[Bbm6]Reduced to skin and bone
I [Fmaj7]can't even tell who you want to [A7]know
I'm a [Bbmaj7]goddess on stage
[Bbm6]Human when we're[F]we're alone
[Fmaj7] [A7] [Bbmaj7] [Bbm6]
[Gm7]You took a star to bed
[C7]Woke up with me instead
[Fmaj7]You must have felt so damn
When [Gm7]you made up a version of
[C7]me that you thought you loved
But[Fmaj7]But i am not your aphrodi[D7]aphrodite
[Gm7]Oh [C7]
Were you su[Fmaj7]surprised by me?
When you took m[A7]me home
When the[Bbmaj7]the glamour wore off
Re[Bbm6]Reduced to skin and bones
I [Fmaj7]can't even tell who you want t[A7]to know
I'm a [Bbmaj7]goddess on stage
[Bbm6]Human when we're alone
[Fmaj7] [A7] [Bbmaj7] [Bbm6]
You [Fmaj7]took me for a fo[A7]fool
You stole my [Bbmaj7]youth
You wanted t[Bbm6]this so much
You [Fmaj7]watched me rise
[A7]Then killed my light
And [Bbmaj7]now you know I'm
[Bbm6]Not your xxxxing goddess [Fmaj7]
[Fmaj7] [A7] [Bbmaj7]
I'm no god[Bbm6]goddess
When I'm alon[Fmaj7]alone
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Updated 2024-04- 3
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