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[Ebmaj7] [Edim] [Gdim] [Fm7] [Bb9]
Verse 1
I‘ve [Ebmaj7]rejected aff[Bb7]affection
For [Ebmaj7]years and [Bb7(b13)]years
Now I[Ebmaj7]I have it and[Gm7]and damn it
[Gbm7]it‘s [Fm7]kind of [Bb7]weird
He [Gm7]tells me I‘m [C7]pretty
Don't know [Fm7]how to res[C7]respond
I [Fm7]tell him that he‘s pretty too
Can [Bb13]I say that? Don‘t [Bb7(b13)]have a clue
Verse 2
With [Ebmaj7]every passing [Bb7]moment
I sur[Ebmaj7]surprise my[Bb7]myself
I‘m [Ebmaj7]scared of flies, I‘m[G7]I‘m scared of guys
[Abmaj7]Someone please [Bb7]help
Cause[Gm7]Cause I think I‘ve [C7]fallen
I[Fm7]In love this [C7]time
I [Fm7]blinked and [Gm7]sudd[Abmaj7]suddenly I [Am7]had a [Bb13] Val[Abm7]Valentine
(Be my valen[Ebmaj7]valentine)
[Bb7] [Ebmaj7] [Bb7] [Ebmaj7] [C7] [Fm7] [C7] [Fm7] [C7] [Fm7] [C7]
[Fm7](Sca[Bb7](Scatting dadadooo waa boo waa doo)
[Fm7]What if he‘s the last [Bb7]one I kiss?
[Fm7]What if he‘s the only on[Bb7]one I‘ll ever miss?
[Gm7]Maybe I should run, I‘m [C7]only twenty-one
[Fm7]I don‘t even know who I[Fm7b5]I want to become
Verse 3
I‘ve [Ebmaj7]lost all [Bb7]control
Of my [Ebmaj7]heartbeat [Bb7(b13)]now
Got [Gm7]caught in a [Gbm7]romance with [Fm7]him someh[Bb7]somehow
I [Gm7]still feel a [C7]shock through [Fm7]every [C7]bone
[Fm7]When I hear an “I love you”
Cause [Bb13]now I‘ve got [Bb7(b13)]someone to lose
Verse 4
[Ebmaj7]The first [Bb7]one to ever
[Ebmaj7]like me [Bb7(b13)]back
I‘[Gm7]I‘m seconds away from a [C7]heart attack
[Fm7]How the hell did I fall in [Fm7b5]love this time?
And [Gm7]honestly, I
can‘t believe I [C7]get to call you mine
I [Fm7]blinked and [Gm7]sudd[Abmaj7]suddenly I [Am7]had a [Bb13]Valent[Ebmaj7]Valentine
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Updated 2022-07-26
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