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C Laufey C Vote rhythm
Tone: [C]
[C] [C] [Am7] [Fm] [C]
Verse 1:
I made a [C]promise[Am7] to distan[Fm]ce myself[C]
Took a flig[C]flight through aurora [Am7]skies
Honestly, [Fm6]I didn't think about
[C]How we didn't say "[C7]goodbye", just "[Fmaj7]see you very s[Fm6]oon"
It [Dm7]hurts to be something
It's [Fm]worse to be nothin[C]to be nothing with yo[C7]you [Am7] [Fm6] [C]
Verse 2:
So I didn'[C]I didn't call y[Am7]you for sixteen [Fm6]long da[C]ys
I should get[Gm6] a cigarette[Am7] for so much rest[Fm6]rain
No matter [C]how long I res[C7]resist temptation [Fmaj7]I will always [Fm6]lose
It [Dm7]hurts to be something
It's [Fm6]worse to be nothing with [Dm7]you
I've done the [G7]math, there's no sol[Cmaj7]solution
We'll never [A9]last
[Dm7]Why can't I let [Fm6]go of this
[C] [C7] [Fmaj7] [Fm6] [C] [C7] [Fmaj7] [Fm6] [C]
Verse 3:
So I broke my [C]promise[Am7] I called you[Fm6] last night[C]
I shouldn't have[C9]have, I wouldn't hav[Am]have
If it weren't for the [Fm6]sight of a boy who
[C]Lookеd just like you [C7]standing out on [Fmaj7]Melrose Av[Fm6]Avеnue
It [Dm7]hurts to be something
It's [Fm6]worse to be nothing[Cmaj7]nothing with you [C7] [Am7] [Fm6]
It [Dm7]hurts to be something
It's [Fm6]worse to be nothing with you[Fmaj7]you [Fm6] [C]
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Updated 2023-11- 7
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