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Second Best

F Laufey F Slow Rock
Tone: [F]
[Cm7] [F] [F7]
Verse 1:
I'll [Bbmaj7]never forget how [Cm7]stupid in [F7]love I[Bbmaj7]I felt [Cm7] [F7]
I'll [Bbmaj7]always regret how [Cm7]I couldn't [F7]ever[Bmaj7]ever tell
[Cm7]That [F7]you [D7]walked a little faster, [G7]left me behind
[Cm7]Kissed me with somebody [Cdim]else in mind
I l[Dm7]loved you so much
That I [G7]settled for less
Oh, [Cm7]you were my everything
[F7]I was your s[Bbmaj7]second bes[Cm7]best [F7]
[Bbmaj7] [Cm7] [F7]
Verse 2:
[Bbmaj7]Lying awake, I'd [Cm7]watch
as you'd [F7]dream[Bbmaj7]dream at night -Dream at [Cm7]nigh[F7]night-
[Bbmaj7]Nightingale singing [Cm7]half-hearted [F7]lull[Bbmaj7]lullabies
[Cm7]Well, [F7]you [D7]swing me around in that [G7]midsummer dance
[Cm7]Hеld me in close as you [Cdim]thought of your past
I [Dm7]love way too much
Oh, this h[G7]hurts to confеss
Oh, [Cm7]you were my everything
[F7]I was your s[Bbmaj7]second bes[Am7]best
[D7]You've [Gm7]given me nothing to [Cm7]miss
Honestly, [F7]life has been much better [Bbmaj7]since
[D7]I [Gm7]spoke to you last
[Cm7]Why am I still wondering
If [Cm7]I stand a chance or if [F7]you'd have me back?
Verse 3:
[Bbmaj7]Everyone warned me [Cm7]you were a [F7]bad[Bbmaj7]bad idea [Cm7] [F7]
[Bbmaj7]I never listen
[Cm7]Maybe I [F7]will n[Bbmaj7]next year
[Cm7]When [F7]I've [D7]walked a little further [G7]into my life
[Cm7]Fallen in love and [Cdim]left you behind
But [Dm7]I'm still a little in [G7]love with this mess
Oh, [Cm7]you were my everything
[F7]I'm just your s[Bbmaj7]second bes[Cm7]best
[F7]Mmm[Bbmaj7]Mmmmmmmh [Cm7]
[F9]Se-[F7]Se-cond b[Bbmaj7]best
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Updated 2024-02- 5
Views: 269 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Laufey Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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