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Dear Soulmate

Tone: [B]
[Gb] [Gb] [Gb] [B]
Verse 1:
[Gb]Do you[Gb]you live in New Yor[Gb]York City? [B]
[Gb]Or a c[Gb]couple towns away[Gb]away? [B]
[Gb]Wherever you a[Gb]are, I jum[Gb]jump in my car [B]
[Ab]Just to see you
[Gb]Will I me[Gb]meet you at a part[Gb]party? [B]
[Gb]Sit next to y[Gb]you on a plan[Gb]plane? [B]
[Gb]Maybe I al[Gb]already kno[Gb]know you and love [B]you
[Ab]But we'll fall in love [Em7]someday
[B] Dear soulm[Abm]soulmate,
Do you [Em]think of me?
'Cause I [B]do
Do you[Abm]you have green eyes?
Are they [Db7]brown like min[Db7]mine?
Do yo[E]you have a sister to[Dbdim]too?
Dear [Dbm]soulmate,
One d[Em]day I'll give this song to y[B]you
Verse 2:
[Gb]Will we drive [Gb]up to the[Gb]the mountains? [B]
[Gb]Camp in a litt[Gb]little tent? [Gb] [B]
[Gb]When the bears[Gb]bears come at night
[Gb]Will you put [B]up a fight?
Or will you [Ab]hide with me
In my flashl[Em7]flashlight
[Gb]Do you sleep o[Gb]on the rig[Gb]right side [B]
[Gb]'Cause I prefe[Gb]prefer the lef[Gb]left [B]
[Gb]Will you make me butter t[Gb]toast
[Gb]Perhaps a morning roa[B]roast
[Ab]When I wake up
[Em7]And I'm sad
[B]Dear Soulm[Abm]Soulmate,
Do you think of[Em]of me
'Cause I d[B]do
Do you h[Abm]have blue eyes
Are they b[Db7]brown like min[Db7]mine
Do you h[E]have a sister to[Dbdim]too?
Dear s[Dbm]soulmate,
One day I[Em]I'll give this song to yo[B]you
[B] [Abm]
[Dbm]Dear soulmate,
I can't [Dbdim]wait to fall in love
With yo[B]you
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Updated 2023-10-22
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