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Best Friend

Eb Laufey Eb Slow Rock
Tone: [Eb]
It’s [Ebmaj7]come to my atte[E]attention
That [Fm7]I don’t sh[Dm]show eno[Gb]enough
Of [Gm7]what I [G7]think
It’s [Ab]only when I [Ab7]drink, I open up
But I [Gm7]promise that I [C7]love you
[Fm7]Even with that [Bb7]hair-do
I’m [Ebmaj7]sorry I made [E]fun of [E]it
It’s [Fm]not your fault it [Bb7]looks like xxxx
I have [Eb]never [Cm]tolerated [Fm]someone for so long
I’ve [Gm]never laughed so [G7]much
I haven’t [Abmaj7]written a sad [Abm]song
There’s [Gm7]no one else I’d [C7]rather fall a[Fm7]asleep with
And [Bb7]dream with
You’re my [Gm7]best [Cm7]friend [Fm7]in the [Bb7]world
[Eb] [E] [Fm] [Gb] [Gm7] [G7] [Ab] [Gm]
[C7] [Fm7] [Bb7] [Eb] [Em] [Fm] [Bb7]
[Ebmaj7] [E] [Fm7] [D7] [Gm7] [G7] [Ab] [Gm7]
[C7] [Fm] [Bb7] [Ebmaj7] [Eb] [Eb7]
[Abmaj7]When we’re ninety-eight and [Abm]ninety-nine
[Gm]Tumblin’ down the stairs
You’ll barely [C7]catch me in time
We’ll [Fm7]argue G#out what to [Bb]watch on [Bb7]TV
[Ebmaj7]Finally pick a [D]movie, then we’ll [Db7]fall[C7]fall asleep
[Fm7]We’ll still be a little bit strange
[Fm]Some things never [Bb]change
It’s [Ebmaj7]funny ‘cause you [E]drive me [Fm]half-in[D7]half-insane
a [Gm7]uniVerse with[G7]without you would be [Ab]thoroughly mun[Abm]mundane
There’s [Gm7]no one else I’d [C7]rather fall in [Fm]love with
And [Bb7]that is
My [Gm7]best [C7]friend [Fm7]in the [Bb7]world
[Eb] [E] [Fm7] [Bb] [Eb] [E]
You’re my [Fm7]best [Bb7]friend in the [Eb]world
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Ab Ab7 Abm Abmaj7 Bb Bb7 C7 Cm Cm7 D D7 Db7 Dm E Eb Eb7 Ebmaj7 Em Fm Fm7 G7 Gb Gm Gm7 0

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Updated 2023-03- 5
Views: 4,691 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Laufey Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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