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Riot Van

A Arctic Monkeys A Vote rhythm
Tone: [A]
Up rolled the [Dmaj7]riot v[Dbm7]van
And[Bm7]And sparked excitement in the boys [Dmaj7] [Dbm7]
But[Bm7]But the policemen look annoyed [Dmaj7] [Dbm7]
Per[Bm7]Perhaps these are ones they should avoid [Dmaj7] [Dbm7] [Bm7]
[A]They got a chase last night[Dbm7] from men with truncheons dr[Bm7]essed in hats[E] [E6] [E]
[A]They didn't do that much wrong[Dbm7]wrong, still ran away though for the la[Bm7]laugh
just for the laugh [E] [E6] [E]
Please just [Dmaj7]stop tal[Dbm7]talking
Because they won't f[Bm7]find us if you do [Dmaj7] [Dbm7]
Oh, those s[Bm7]silly boys in blue [Dmaj7] [Dbm7]
Well, they w[Bm7]won't catch me and you [Dmaj7] [Dbm7] [Bm7]
[A]Have you been drinking son,[Dbm7]son, you don’t look old enoug[Bm7]enough to me [E] [E6] [E]
[A]I’m sorry officer, is t[Dbm7]there a certain age you’re supp[Bm7]supposed to be?
nobody [E]tol[E6]told me[E]me
Up rolled the [Dmaj7]riot v[Dbm7]van
And these la[Bm7]lads just wind the coppers up [Dmaj7] [Dbm7]
Ask w[Bm7]why they don't catch proper crooks [Dmaj7] [Dbm7]
Get the[Bm7]their address and their names took [Dmaj7] [Dbm7]
But they c[Dmaj7]couldn't care less
Thrown in the [Dmaj7]riot v[Dbm7]van
And [Bm7]all the coppers kicked him in [Dmaj7] [Dbm7]
And t[Bm7]there was no way he could win [Dmaj7] [Dbm7]
Just h[Bm7]had to take it on the chin [Dmaj7] [Dbm7] [Bm7]
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Updated 2023-01-17
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