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Bigger Boys And Stolen Sweethearts

A Arctic Monkeys A Vote rhythm
Tone: [A]
[A] [F#] [F] [A] [F#] [F] [A] [F#] [F] [A] [F#] [F]
[A]There's always somebody[F#]somebody ta[F]taller with more of a wit
[A]And he's equipped to en[F#]enthral her[F]her and her friends think he's [A]fit
And you just can't measure [F#]up no,[F]no, you don't have a [A]prayer
Wishing that you'd made the [F#]most of her[F]her when she was there
[E]They've got engaged, there's [F#]no intention of a wedding
[D]He's pinched your bird and [F]he'd probably kick your head in
[A]Bigger boys and s[D]stolen sweethearts
[A]Oh, you're better off with[D]without her anyway
[A]You said you wasn't [D]sad to see her go
[A]Yeah, but [D]I know you were, though
[A]Now you don't know what she's [F#]up to [F]you can only assume
[A]If she's not in the front of the shops[F#]shops then they've[F]they've gone to his room
[A]Bet she's gone 'round in her s[F#]school stuff[F]stuff, bet that’s what he likes
[A]I know you thought she were [F#]different[F]different and you thought she were nice
[E]But she's not nice, she's [F#]pretty fucking far from nice
She’s [D]looking at you funny, rarely [F]looking at you twice
[A]Bigger boys and s[D]stolen sweethearts
[A]Oh, you're better off with[D]without her anyway
[A]You said you wasn't [D]sad to see her go
[A] Yeah, but it's [D]so clear you were, though
[A] [F#] [F] [A] [F#] [F] [A] [F#] [F] [A] [F#] [F]
[A] [F#] [F] [A] [F#] [F]
[A]Have you heard what she's been [F#]doing? [F]Never did it for [A]me
He picks her up at the s[F#]school gate[F]gate at twenty past [A]three
She's been with all of the [F#]boys[F]boys but never went very [A]far
And she wagged English and Sci[F#]Science [F]just to go in his car
[E]They've got engaged, there's [F#]no intention of a wedding
[D]He's pinched me bird and [F]he'd probably kick my head in, oh
Oh,[E]Oh, now the girls have [F#]grown
Yeah, but I'm [D]sure that they still carry [F]on in similar ways
[A]Bigger boys and s[D]stolen sweethearts
[A]Oh, I'm better off with[D]without her anyway
[A]I said I wasn't [D]sad to see her go
[A]Yeah, but I'm o[D]only pretending, you [A]know
Yeah, I'm [D]only pretending, you [A]know
I was [D]only pretending, you [A]know
I was [D]only pretending, you [A]know [D] [A]

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Tobi 6 days ago
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Updated 2020-03-21
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