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How to Disappear

Capo 2
[G] [Em] [G] [Em]
Verse 1
[G]John met me down on the [Em]boulevard
[G]Cry on his shoulder 'cause [Em]life is hard
The [C]waves came in over my [D]head
[G]What you been up to, my [Em]baby?
[G]Haven't seen you 'round here [Em]lately
[C]All of the guys tell me l[D]lies but you d[B7]don't
You jus[Em]just crack another[Ebaug]another beer
And pre[G]pretend that you're still [Dbdim]here
[C] This is ho[D]w t[B7]o disa[Em]ppea[Bm]r
This is [C]how[D]how to disap[G]disappear
[G] [Em] [G] [Em]
Verse 2
[G]Joe met me down at the [Em]training yard
[G]Cuts on his face 'cause he [Em]fought too hard
I [C]know he's in over his [D]head
But I [G]love that man like no[Em]nobody can
He moves [G]mountains and pounds them to [Em]ground again
[C]I watched the guys getting [D]high as they [B7]fight
For the[Em]the things that they h[Ebaug]hold dear
To for[G]forget the things they [Dbdim]fear
[C] This is ho[D]w t[B7]o disa[Em]ppea[Bm]r
This is [C]how[D]how to disap[F]disappear [C] [G]
[F] [C] [G] [F] [C] [G]
[F] [C] [G]
[G]Now, it's been years since I [Em]left New York
[G]I've got a kid and two [Em]cats in the yard
The [C]California sun and the [D]movie stars
[C]I watched the skies getting [D]light as I [B7]write
As I[Em]I think about tho[Ebaug]those years
As I [G]whisper in your [Dbdim]ear
[C] I'm always go[D]going t[B7]to be right [Em]her[Bm]e
No one's [C]going[D]going [B7] any[Em]anywhere [Bm]
[C] [D] [B7] [Em] [Bm] [C] [D] [G]
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Updated 2022-11-23
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Author: Lana Del Rey Genre: US-UK Favorite: 3
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