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Lana Del Rey

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Chorus F Am Kiss me hard before you go G F Summertime sadn
Bui Nhu Sy, 19 / 08, 2019 Am Dm F G 16,862
[Verse1] Em D Blue jeans, White shirt A Walked into the room you know you made my eye
Tobi, 26 / 08, 2019 A D Em 15,556
Intro Bm E A A7 D Bm E A A7 D Verse 1: Lana Del Rey Bm Pick you up at home, quarter to
Tobi, 29 / 06, 2023 A A7 Bm D Dm E E7 13,060
(Verse 1) C E7 Do you want me or do you not? Am
Tobi, 27 / 05, 2020 Am C E7 Em F G 12,655
Verse 1 E Bm E Cinnamon in my teeth Bm D From your
nazakkurt, 24 / 03, 2021 Bm D E F#m 11,487
Chorus C D I'm on the run with you, my sweet love Em Em
Tobi, 20 / 01, 2021 C D Em Em7/D 10,001
Intro: Gbm7 Dadd9 A E Verse 1: Gbm7 One night a few moons ago Dadd9
Tobi, 27 / 02, 2023 A Dadd9 E Gbm7 9,651
[Intro] F#m A F#m A C#m D F#m A F#m A C#m D [Verse] F#m A Swinging in t
Tobi, 24 / 08, 2019 A C#m D Dm E F#m G 8,391
[Verse1] G D Feet don't fail me now G D Take me to the fin
Tobi, 24 / 08, 2019 C Cmaj7 D Em G 8,347
[F]Fear fun, fear love, [G]Fresh out of fucks, forever [F]Tryin' to be stronger for [G]you [F]Ice
Chord Imperfect, 19 / 09, 2018 Am C C7 Em F Fm6 G 8,051