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[D]When your [D/F#]legs don't work like they [G]used to [A]before [D]And I [D/F#]can't sweep you o
Tobi, 21 / 06, 2019 5,999
(Verse) [Am]There's a fire [Em]starting in my heart, [G]Reaching a fever pitch and it's [Em]brin
Tobi, 4 / 07, 2019 4,172
Verse 1 [Gm] City of [C] stars Are you shining just for [Dm] me? [Gm] City of [C] stars There's
Tobi, 12 / 08, 2019 2,147
[Verse1] A Waking up to kiss you and nobody’s there F#m7 The smell of your perfume still stuck i
Tobi, 26 / 08, 2019 4,108
Intro Am D G E Verse 1 Am D I'm still a fan even though I was salty
Tobi, 16 / 12, 2022 2,046

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Intro Am F C G Verse 1 Am F 아무도 가르쳐 주지 않아 Am F
Bro, 11 / 02, 2023 471
C D Em G C Verse 1 C D Em There's a buzzard of gulls G C T
Bro, 31 / 12, 2022 335
[G] In a little while from now If I'm [Bm] not feeling any less sour I [Dm] promise myself to tre
Bro, 25 / 12, 2022 525
Verse 1 E G#7 C#m Watch the sunrise along the coast Bm7
Bro, 10 / 12, 2022 3,799
Em7 When we’re out in the crowd Gmaj7 D A Laughing loud
Bro, 8 / 12, 2022 6,554

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