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Suck It And See

E Arctic Monkeys E Vote rhythm
Tone: [E]
[E]Your love is like a studded leather h[C#m]headlock
Your[F#m]Your kiss it could put creases in the rai[B]rain
[E]You're rarer than a can of dandelion and [C#m]burdock
And those[F#m]those other girls are just [B]post mix lemonad[E]lemonade
[E]Suck it and see
you never[A]never know [B]
[E]Sit next to me
Before [A]I go[B]go
J[F#m]igsaw women with h[B]orror movi[C#m]e shoes
[F#m]Be cruel to me, 'caus[A]'cause I'm [B]a fool [E]for you
[E]I poured my aching heart into a [C#m]pop song
[F#m]I couldn't get the hang of poetr[B]poetry
[E]That's not a skirt girl, that's a sawn off s[C#m]shotgun
And I can[F#m] only hope, you've g[B]ot it aimed at m[E]e
[E]Suck it and see
you never[A]never know [B]
[E]Sit next to me
Before [A]I go[B]go
J[F#m]igsaw women with h[B]orror movi[C#m]e shoes
[F#m]Be cruel to me, 'caus[A]'cause I'm [B]a fool for
[C#m] [B] [C#m] [B]
[A]Blue [F#m]moon girls from once upon a Sh[C#m]Shangri-La
[G#]How I often w[C#m]wonder where you ar[B]are
[A]You [F#m]have got that face that just
says "[A]"Baby I was made to break your [B]heart" [A]
[E]Suck it an[A]and see
you neve[E]never kn[A]know
[E]Sit next [A]to me
Before [E]I g[A]go
[E]Jigsaw women with [A]horror movie[E]movie shoe[A]shoes
[F#m]Be cruel to me, 'cause I[A]'m a f[B]ool for y[E]ou
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Updated 2020-03-25
Views: 12 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Arctic Monkeys Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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