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Songs Slow Rock

1. 好想好想和你在一起 Hao xiang [G]hao xiang he ni zai [C]yi qi 和你一起数天上的星星 He ni [D]yi qi shu tian shang d
Chord Imperfect, 6 / 04, 2018 A Am C D Em G 3,630
Chorus: What do you [Gm]want from me? Why don't you [Cm]run from me? What are you [D]wonderin
Chord Imperfect, 10 / 02, 2019 Cm D Gm 3,426
Verse: [F#]..[G#m]Daitokai [D#m]ni boku [E]wa mou hitori [B]de... [F#] [G#m] Nagesute[D#m]rareta a
Chord Imperfect, 24 / 02, 2018 Am Am7 Ammaj7 B7 Bm C D D7 Em G 3,204
(Verse 1) [Em] Please wrap your [G]drunken arms [Am]around me [C] [D] [Em]And I'll let you [G]call
Chord Imperfect, 29 / 09, 2017 Am Bm C D Em G 2,996
[Em]...I saw you [G]standing there [C]Sandy blonde hair, the [G]way it came tumbling [Em]down [G]J
Chord Imperfect, 4 / 11, 2018 Am C D Em G 2,924
[Intro] D [Verse1] D Bm It was easier to have fun b
Tobi, 6 / 03, 2020 A B Bm D D/f# Em F#m G 2,839
When you [C]walk through a storm Hold your [G]head up high And [F]don't be a [C]fraid of the [G]da
Chord Imperfect, 1 / 08, 2018 Bb C Dm E7 Em F G Gm 2,607
[C]So lately [G4/B]been wondering [Am7]Who will be [F6/9]there to take my [G4]place [C]When i'm go
Chord Imperfect, 2 / 10, 2017 A9 Am Am7 C C4 C9 Em F6/9 Fmaj7 G4 G4/B G6 G6/4 2,540
[F]When, when [Bb]we came [F]home [Bb]Worn to the [F]bones I [C]told [Dm]myself, "This could get r
Chord Imperfect, 6 / 02, 2017 Bb C Dm F 2,346
Verse 1 G Your hand fits in mine G Like it's made just for me C But bear
Bui Nhu Sy, 22 / 08, 2019 Am C D Em G 2,323