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Moon river

C Andy Williams Slow Rock
Tone Db: Capo 1
[C] Moon [Am] River, [Fmaj7] wider than a [C] mile
I'm [Fmaj7] crossing you in [C] style some [E7] day
You [Am] dream [C7] maker
You [F] heart [Fm] breaker
Where-[Am7] ever you're [D7] going
I'm [Dm7] going your [G7] way
[C] Two [Am] drifters [Fmaj7] off to see the [C] world
There's [Fmaj7] such a lot of [C] world to [E7] see
We're [Am] after the [D7] same [Fm] rainbow's [C] end
[F] Waitin' round the [C] bend
My [F] Huckleberry [C] friend
[Am] Moon [Dm7] River [G7] and [C] me
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Updated 2017-03-17
Views: 4,772 Poster: Chord Imperfect (Chord Imperfect approved)
Author: Henry Mancini , Johnny Mercer Genre: Nhạc Quốc Tế Favorite: 1
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