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Songs Ballad

1. [C] I'm so glad you made time to see me. [Am] How's life? Tell me how's your family? [F] I have
Chord Imperfect, 25 months 01, 2017 Am C Em F G 18,342
There's a [G]place in your [Am7]heart and I [Bm]know that it is [Am7]love And this [G]place could
Chord Imperfect, 26 months 12, 2016 A Abm Am7 B Bm Bm7 C C#m C#m7 D E Ebm Em F F# F#m G 18,058
[Fmaj7]Keopireul neomu manhi [Cmaj7/G]masyeossna bwayo Simjangi [Em7]mak dugeundaego Jameun jal
Chord Imperfect, 17 months 03, 2017 A7 A7/C# Am7 Am7/F Cmaj7 Cmaj7/B Cmaj7/G Dm7 Dmaj7 Em7 Fmaj7 G 12,820
Verse 1: [Em7]Tell me some[D/F#]thing [G]girl... [C] Are you happy in this mo[G]dern [D]world?
Chord Imperfect, 30 months 09, 2018 A Am Bm C D D/f# Em Em7 G 11,922
Verse 1 [Bm]___Born on[G] the wrong [D]side of the [A]ocean [Bm]___With all the [G]tides against [
Chord Imperfect, 19 months 12, 2018 A Bm D D/f# Em Em7 G 10,584
[Em]I bought you things that I didn't even have the money for [Bm]If I could make you feel so ric
Chord Imperfect, 16 months 03, 2019 Bm C D Em G 10,565
Verse 1: Not tryna be [Am] indie Not tryna be [F] cool Just tryna be [C] in this Tell me are [G]
Chord Imperfect, 13 months 09, 2017 Am C F G 10,531
Verse1 I[G] wanna follow where[D] she goes[Bm] [D] I[A] think about her and[D] she knows[A] it [D]
Chord Imperfect, 24 months 04, 2017 A Bm D G 9,894
[C]Annyeong [G]oneuldo gateun [Am] jari beoseu [Em] changgae gidae [F] anjeun nege [G]insareul [C
Chord Imperfect, 27 months 10, 2017 Am C Dm Em F G 9,811
[Am]Walking down [F]29th and [C]park [Am]I saw you[F] in another's [C]arms [Am]Only a [F]month w
Chord Imperfect, 2 months 05, 2017 Am C F 9,515