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Ocean Eyes

[C] [D] [Em] [C] [D] [Em]
[C] [D] [Em] [G] [C]
[C]I've [D]been [Em]watching you
[C]For [D]some [Em]time
[C]Can't [D]stop [Em]staring
At those [G]oceans [C]eyes
[C]Burn-[D]ing [Em]cities
And [C]na-[D]palm [Em]skies
[C]Fif-[D]teen [Em]
flares inside those [G]ocean [C]eyes
Your [G]ocean [C]eyes
No [C]fair[D] [Em] [C] [D] [Em]
You really [C]know how to [D]make me [Em]cry
When you gimme those [G]ocean [C]eyes
I'm [C]scared[D] [Em] [C] [D] [Em]
I've never [C]fallen
from [D]quite this[Em] high
Falling into your [G]ocean [C]eyes
Those [G]ocean[C] eyes
[C]I've [D]been [Em]walking through
A [C]world [D]gone [Em]blind
[C]Can't [D]stop [Em]thinking
of your [G]diamond [C]mind
[C]Care-[D]ful [Em]creature
Made [C]friends [D]with [Em]time
He [C]left[D] her [Em]lonely
with a [G]diamond [C]mind
And those [G]ocean [C]eyes
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Updated 2018-12-14
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Author: Billie Eilish Genre: US-UK Favorite: 28
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