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Lady Gaga

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Wish I [G]could I could have said good[Em]bye I would have said what I [C]wanted to Maybe even [D
Chord Imperfect, 10 / 10, 2018 Am Bm C D Em F G 18,666
Verse 1: [Em7]Tell me some[D/F#]thing [G]girl... [C] Are you happy in this mo[G]dern [D]world?
Chord Imperfect, 30 / 09, 2018 A Am Bm C D D/f# Em Em7 G 15,701
That Arizona [Am]sky burning in your [F]eyes You [C]look at me and, babe, I wanna catch on [G]fire
Chord Imperfect, 10 / 10, 2018 Am Bb Bdim7 C F G 10,097
Life is so [F]simple. A little boy a little [Dm]girl [Bb] Laughing and [F]loving tryin' to figure o
Chord Imperfect, 10 / 10, 2018 Bb C Dm F Gm 5,181
[Verse1] Em7 D/F# G Tell me something girl... C G D
Chord Imperfect, 17 / 08, 2019 A Am Bm C D Em Em7 F# G 2,716
I'm alone in my [C#m]house [B] I'm out on the [E]town I'm at the [C#m]bottom of the bottle [B] I'
Chord Imperfect, 9 / 10, 2018 A B C#m E F#m G#m 2,372
Verse 1 C You're giving me a million reasons to let you go Am You're giving me a m
Bui Nhu Sy, 18 / 08, 2019 Am C F Fsus2 G 1,852
[Em]I wanna hold em' like they [C]do in Texas plays (Hey!) [G]Fold em' let em' hit me raise it [D/F
Chord Imperfect, 31 / 05, 2018 C D/f# Em G 1,796
Pre-Verse Am C G Dm A Red One (Konvict) Am C G Dm Ga Ga (oh oh, eh) Vers
Bui Nhu Sy, 11 / 09, 2019 Am C Dm F G 1,442
Intro Em7 D/F# G C Cadd9 G D Em7 D/F# G Ve
Zarker, 27 / 08, 2019 A Am Bm C Cadd9 D Em Em7 F# G 1,339